The December holidays are finally here, and what better way to enjoy your time off than by making some extra cash on the side? Sometimes competition from other students can be fierce, so here are 4 awesome tips to help you find a summer job:


Tip #1: Think about the job that you want:

Before you start applying for a summer job, think about what job you would enjoy the most and consider all the pros and cons of that particular job. For example, ask yourself questions like:

  • Are there many vacancies for this particular job?
  • Are the working hours practical?
  • Will you be relying on public transport to get you there?
  • Is it a job that you will enjoy?
  • Will this job give you relevant work experience?
  • Will this job be physically demanding? If yes, will you be able to cope with the physical demands?

Good places to start looking for summer jobs – if you don’t mind working with children – are child-friendly places like Ratanga Junction, Bugz PlayPark, ice rinks, Fine Young Cooks Holiday Club, etc.

Once you have weighed up all of your options, make sure that you follow tip #2.


Tip #2: Start your job search early:

You need to give yourself enough time to put your CV out there and to get a response. Sometimes, you won’t get a response (and that’s the hard part). So don’t get discouraged when you don’t receive any call-backs at first; just keep on trying.


Tip #3: Make a note of all the places you have applied to:

It might come to the point where you feel like the job searching is dragging out, so try starting early and make a note of all the places you have applied to. This way, if you get a call back, you will have the details ready for that job and you will be able to ace the interview.


Tip #4: Spread the word and market yourself:

When looking for casual or summer jobs, make sure that people know that you are looking. Make use of all your contacts and networks: ask your neighbours, your cousins and your friends’ parents to keep a look-out for jobs for you. You never know which one of your friends’ uncles or aunts might be looking to hire someone like you for the holidays. 


Job hunting during the holidays might seem like a tedious job, but it will be worth the effort when you eventually get something and have the chance to make some extra cash before you start studying again in the new year.