Automation is increasingly replacing a number of jobs. But even as robots and computers rapidly take over workplace functions, there are some jobs that will ALWAYS require humans. 

Automation poses a threat to many jobs. Think about the field of manufacturing, for example, where machines have largely replaced the need for employees such as assembly workers. This phenomenon can (and should) have an influence over what you choose to study. You don’t want to study towards a career which may not even exist in a few years’ time!

So we’re reassuring you by showing you the fields which are guaranteed to survive the “rise of the robots”.

6 fields that won’t be taken over by robots

Human Resources

While technology has certainly had an influence on human resources, it will never be able to take over the main functions of the field. HR professionals need to have interactions with employers and employees on a daily basis. They need to deal with human emotions and make decisions that have an impact on the lives of people. A machine is not capable of taking all of this into account!

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Community/Social Work

People who do work in the community (such as social workers or community development managers) are vital sources of care, comfort and support to households. This is particularly true in disadvantaged areas. Therefore community workers will continue to be highly valued for many years to come.

If you’re looking to work towards bettering your community, consider a Skills Certificate in Understanding HIV/AIDS.

Early Childhood Development

Imagine a world where our young children are educated by machines? Fortunately, this world will never become a reality. During the crucial early stages of life, a child needs human interaction and nurturing care in order to develop normally. Governments around the world are also increasing their investment in ECD, which includes the hiring of more ECD practitioners.

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Beauty Therapy

Would you trust your hair, makeup or beauty treatment to be carried out by a machine? People working in beauty therapy need to take into account their client’s individual preferences and physical characteristics. In addition, their jobs often require intricate work that needs to be carried out accurately. There is just too much room for error to have this work carried out by a robot!   

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Farm Management

While some functions on farms can be carried out by machines, the vast majority of job roles on farms require human employees. Managing a farm requires a variety of employees performing different tasks, from packing and sorting produce, to taking care of crops or livestock. And it is crucial to have a farm manager overseeing all of this. Because managing a farm cannot be successfully run without someone communicating with employees and making crucial decisions.  

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Information Technology

This is, understandably, the industry which is experiencing the biggest changes due to automation and other technological developments. The difference is that, with the explosive growth of the IT industry, these changes are mostly driving NEW job opportunities, not removing current ones. There is massive demand for professionals working in software development, artificial intelligence and other IT-related fields. 

So if you haven’t decided on a career path yet, then consider studying towards a career in the fields we’ve just mentioned — they look all set to prosper in the years to come! 

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