In the early days of social media, no one could have predicted the massive heights that this medium would reach. Today, social media is an essential marketing and communication platform for all companies. This has given rise to one of the most entertaining jobs out there — social media management!

In this blog, we highlight the reasons why social media management is so much fun. And we show you some examples of highly creative social media campaigns.

Reason 1: Stretching the limits of creativity!

Social media management is all about creativity. You have to be able to create engaging posts that will not only hold the attention of your followers, but also be able to attract new followers. There are countless ways to do this, from posting videos, to creating polls or quizzes, sharing inspiring stories or posting humorous content. So social media allows you to explore every corner of creativity!  

Reason 2: Seeing those social media ‘likes’ growing!

For a social media manager, likes and follows are a badge of honour! By creating engaging content, you can watch the likes and follows stacking up, which comes with a significant sense of pride. As an example, Oxbridge Academy itself has grown its Facebook page likes to over 160 000, and this number is rising quickly! As a social media manager, you can therefore see how your contributions are making an impact on improving brand awareness and increasing customer engagement.

Reason 3: Taking advantage of multiple social media platforms

There are a number of social media platforms out there where you can share content. From Instagram, to Twitter, Facebook to TikTok. Each of these platforms is slightly different in the type of content that is shared. And in the types of people that they reach. So, as a social media manager, you can use these platforms to post an array of content that will appeal to different target markets. In one day, you might be posting a fun video on TikTok, posting a promotional post on Facebook, and also sharing photographs on Instagram. This variety makes the job exciting every day!

So we’ve shared some of the reasons why social media management is so much fun. Now we’re going to single out several successful social media campaigns which took creativity to the next level!

Charmin (Toilet paper company)

In its social media campaigns, Charmin isn’t afraid to capitalise on its role as a toilet paper company. The company regularly uses toilet humour and well-crafted images to keep viewers interested. Take a look at the example below:

Wayfair (Home décor company)

Wayfair’s most creative use of social media is via its Instagram account. As an example, look at the post below, which allows users to click on the items they see in the photograph, with prices popping up when they do so.

Wendy’s (Fast food)

Wendy’s uses it social media platforms to create humorous and witty posts that combine with promos and other developments. A quick look at their Twitter home page will show you the type of angle they like to take to boost engagement.

GoPro (Camera company)

GoPro’s involvement in photos and videos make them perfectly situated to take advantage of social media. One thing that stands out about them is how they use each social media platform for a different purpose. Their Instagram account is filled with gorgeous photos and videos taken with their products. While Twitter and Facebook are used more for client engagement and promotional reasons. The company is a wonderful example of how different platforms should be used for different purposes.


Nando’s is well known for its provocative, humorous and attention-grabbing advertising. And this extends to their use of social media. Their Facebook page is filled with animations, promos and humorous content that often pokes fun at well-known current affairs issues. A great example is their #lockdownlingo campaign.

As you can see, social media management is a field that is alive with creativity and variety! And you don’t need a four year degree to get started! Lay the platform for a career in social media with the Oxbridge Academy Short Course: Social Media. Also consider looking at our other great new skills certificate in Digital Marketing, if you want to learn more about modern-day marketing as a whole.

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