When you’re considering a career, then future job security should be a major deciding factor for you. With the fast pace of change in the modern workplace, you don’t want to be chasing a career that will become outdated within a few years and leave you out in the cold. Explore these 10 exciting, secure careers.

1. Solar power installer

Around the world, renewable energy is being rapidly developed in order to mitigate climate change. Here in South Africa, and in many other countries, solar energy is especially important, with numerous solar power plants being built. Governments, businesses and individuals are also increasingly installing solar energy infrastructure in buildings. This is resulting in strong demand for technicians who can install and work with solar power.


2. Software developer

Software development is already a field in extremely high demand. Technological development is still very much on an upward growth path, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence. This means that software developers will become even more highly valued in the coming years.


3. Health aide

Life expectancies around the world are increasing due to advances in medicine. With a greater number of senior citizens in communities, a dire need has arisen for workers who can provide support to the elderly. If you’re a caring and attentive person, than you could consider a career as a health aide, either working in a private home or at a facility such as an old-age home.


4. Digital content specialist

In the field of marketing, there is an increasing need for fresh, interesting and interactive digital content. To attract attention, marketing teams today need to create multimedia content that ranges from videos, to blogs, online adverts and digital graphics. People who can create and manage such will be the key to any marketing team’s success.


5. Electronics technician

We live in a world of electronics. From computers to cellphones; televisions to toasters, electronic devices are already part and parcel of our everyday lives. And this is only the beginning. Electronic devices will continue to become more prolific and advanced. Electronics technicians will play a crucial role in fixing, maintaining and helping to develop these crucial devices.


6. Drone pilot

The age of the drones is here! Drones are finding many applications in land surveying, aerial photography and videography, mapping, transport and military operations. If you’re a licensed drone pilot, you have many opportunities to make a career from either starting your own business or working for a company.


7. Blockchain developer

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have completely disrupted the worlds of finance and business. It is predicted that the use of these ‘blockchain’ technologies will increase to such an extent that they could start displacing other forms of currency in the near future. Blockchain developers will therefore enjoy solid job prospects in the coming years.


8. Environmental officer

As the human population mushrooms, so too do the threats to our environment. Global warming, pollution and the destruction of natural areas due to development, mean that the world needs more people working to protect the environment. Environmental officers are tasked with ensuring that companies adhere to increasingly strict regulations against harming the environment.


9. Data analyst

Modern-day companies produce huge amounts of digital data. This data is crucial for reviewing operations, making decisions and projecting future performance. Data analysis is therefore amongst the skills most highly sought after by employers around the world.


10. IT security specialist

Most companies store much of their sensitive information on digital systems. In addition, actual operations may revolve almost completely around the use of digital systems, software and online platforms. Without robust IT security measures in place, companies face significant threats from cyber-criminals such as hackers. This is why so much emphasis is being placed on hiring IT security staff.


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