Many people think that working in a salon is relaxing, but looks can be deceiving. Trying to create the perfect relaxed environment for your clients in a salon is important, but working behind the scenes to make this happen is hard work. Here are a few suggestions on how to apply salon etiquette in your salon to help ensure that you don’t lose your clients:


  • Personal Hygiene

The most important rule of etiquette is to look after yourself. Personal hygiene plays a big role in the beauty industry. Making sure that your personal hygiene is at its best every day will create a safe and comfortable environment for your clients. Also, remember that they’re unlikely to trust you to work on their appearances if it’s obvious that you’ve come to work without paying too much attention to your own.


  • Relaxing environment

Maintain a soothing atmosphere in the salon


Most of the people who book an appointment at a beauty salon are going there to relax. So try to make the treatment space relaxing by adding calming music that has no lyrics, by keeping the room temperature normal, and by keeping the room as quiet as possible (besides for the calming music, of course). Dimming the lights while you’re busy with a treatment will also add to the soothing atmosphere. And remember: keep your thoughts to yourself.


  • Good manners

Be polite, and show good manners when taking appointments and treating clients. At the end of the day, just being friendly can win you more clients. Think about this: when you’re calling someone to make an appointment and the person on the other side of the phone is unfriendly and unhelpful, you’d probably think twice before finalising that booking, wouldn’t you?


  • Sterilised equipment

While still studying to become a beauty therapist, you get to learn how to sterilise your equipment. This is one of the most important steps to take before treating a client. Because you work mostly with the skin, many things can go wrong. Did you know that the skin is the largest organ of our bodies?

You also need to take good care of the equipment you use, as salon equipment can be expensive.


  • Admin skills

Use a diary to keep track of your appointments


It is important to get your admin right. This includes making bookings and managing schedules. Try to avoid overbooking, and make sure to record information and dates correctly. Remember to be friendly and helpful. Know the dates and times of your appointments, so as to avoid double-bookings, and get a diary to keep track of things.

Your clients are unlikely to come back to you for further treatments if you keep them waiting because you’re running behind schedule all the time, or if you make double-bookings and have to cancel their appointments at the last minute.


  • Products

Use products that are not harmful to your clients. Everyone reacts differently to various products, and it is therefore important to mention any side effects of the products to your clients. Ask your clients whether they have used the particular products before and whether they have had any reactions to those products or to any of the ingredients in those products.

Also make sure to set up client information cards by recording the answers to these and other questions, so that you have the information you need about each new client.


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