Having a routine can help set you on the path for success. It can help you to stay organised, be more productive, think clearly, and get down to doing the tasks that matter. Get out of the miserable rut of going aimlessly through your days by taking the time to reset your routine for success with these helpful tips:


  1. Reset your morning routine

An early start gives you time to plan for your day ahead. It also gives you enough time to get ready for your day, to get a head start on checking emails, and to enjoy your morning cup of coffee.


Here are three activities you can add to your routine to help you reset your morning:


Do some exercises


  • Do some exercises

Morning workouts will help give you a boost of energy for the day. Whether you enjoy jogging, going to the gym, doing yoga, or doing a few push-ups in your house, this is a good way to wake your body and mind up. It is also great for your health.


  • Plan your day

Mapping out your daily schedule and prioritising your tasks for the day allows you to stay in control of your time and to accomplish your goals for the day. Planning your day early in the morning is ideal, as it is often the only quiet time you may have.


  • Eat breakfast

Break the habit of rushing out of the house with coffee and an empty stomach. Ensure that you always have enough time to fuel your body for the day ahead with breakfast. Breakfast is not only good for your health, but will help your mind stay focused on your tasks for the day and not on your hunger.


  1. Reset your afternoon routine


Schedule meetings for the afternoons


Productivity goes hand-in-hand with matching your mental state to specific tasks. Follow your routine and ensure that you factor in time for short breaks, lunch, and time away from your desk.


Here are two ways to help you reset your afternoon:


  • Regroup when you slow down

As you follow your planned schedule for the day, take note when you are feeling tired and finding it hard to focus on your work – this is a good time to regroup. You can regroup by stepping away from your desk for lunch, going for a short walk, or meditating. After this you can go back and continue with your work feeling more refreshed.


  • Schedule meetings for the afternoon

Tackling your most challenging and highest priority tasks in the morning while your mind is alert and your energy is high allows you to use your afternoons for meetings, phone calls and other small tasks. This shifts your focus and gives your mind something different to work on.


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  1. Reset your evening routine


Relaxing with a cup of coffee


Winding down from work is an important part of your evening routine. It is where you separate yourself from work and focus on yourself and your personal life.


Here is one tip to help you reset your evening routine:


  • Spend time doing something for fun

Disengaging from your work day means leaving work at the office and focusing your mind on relaxing. Get home and read a book, work on a personal project, or spend time with family and friends. Ensure that you always try to get a good night’s sleep so that you can wake up and take on the next new day feeling energised.

Routines may take time to adjust to and get used to, but once you get into the habit of structuring your day in a particular way, routines can help you to become more productive. By resetting your morning, afternoon, and evening routines, you will stay in control of your time, and stay on track with your goals. Remember to always make time for yourself at the end of your day.


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