Making good decisions takes time and consideration. If you’re facing a serious life change or major decision, you will need to put some effort into reflection, strategy and preparation.  We’ve put together a few tips to help you make better decisions in life:



Reflect on your previous experiences, mistakes and bad decisions. Think about what went wrong and be aware of it going forward. Remember that lessons are repeated until they’re learnt. Unless you take the time to reflect thoroughly on your life from time to time, you will run the risk of repeating the same mistakes. Also, ask yourself if you’re happy where you are in life and in your career. Do some reflection on your current life and consider reading: How to Tell if You Are in the Wrong Career.


Evaluate your options

Look at the options available to you before you make a decision. Take your time, and write them down or speak them through. If need be, make a classic “pros and cons” list. But don’t procrastinate either. You might want to make small changes to your life or career, or you might want to change your life or career completely. Through part-time education, for example, you could switch from a career in call centre operations to a career in engineering. Whatever the case, narrow it down to a list of possible steps you can take. 


Strategise your way forward

Once you’ve decided on your best option, it’s time to strategise. Plan your path and set specific short-term and long-term goals. When it comes to moving forward in your career, remember that progression requires effort and continuous learning, so consider upskilling by enrolling in a distance learning course.  


Prepare for change

Put the necessary plans into action to accommodate any changes that come with your decision. Big decisions, in particular, require some preparation. You may have to alter your schedule or lifestyle if you’re facing a big career or life change. Don’t let this catch you off-guard. Do your research and make an informed decision; equip yourself to deal with what’s coming.


Trust your gut

Lastly, cliché as it sounds, never disregard your inner voice, your intuition, your gut feeling. You can do all the reflecting and strategising in weighing up your options, but your gut feeling is vital and not to be ignored. Proper introspection is necessary when making any big decision.


Take action

Don’t delay it for too long and fall into the trap of living in indecision. Find the courage to follow through once you’ve made the decision. And do it with all of yourself. Don’t procrastinate or spend too much time dreaming without making it happen. Remember that while the decision is an important step, it is only the first step.


Did you find this article helpful? If you’re looking for more tips and insight on this topic, consider reading 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Making a Major Life Decision. Good luck with your decision-making process!