As the nationwide lockdown restricts many aspects of our daily lives, we’re sure that you’re longing to once again experience the freedom of ‘normal’ life. During Freedom Month, we would like you to remember that you still have the freedom to study!

South Africa celebrates Freedom Month in April. It might seem ironic to celebrate the idea of freedom when most of us are under enforced lockdown home. However, while many of our freedoms have been affected by the current health crisis, one very important freedom remains available to you — the freedom to get an education.

The freedoms of distance learning

As we’ve mentioned in several recent blogs, you are still able to get an education during the lockdown, by studying through distance learning. Here are the various freedoms you have:

The freedom of choice

You’re still able to choose a course to study during this time. Oxbridge Academy is open for registrations throughout the lockdown. Your Welcome Pack and study material will be available on the online student portal.

The freedom to study from home

If you’re already registered as a student with us, then you’ll know that distance learning means that you can study from home. We are doing whatever we can to make sure that there is minimal disruption to your studies during the lockdown. For example, you’ll have access to your study materials on the Oxbridge Academy Student Portal, where you can also submit your assignments. Assignments can also be submitted via email. So, instead of just staring at the walls, we encourage you to use your time constructive and continue with your education.

Financial freedom

Distance learning is more affordable than most other forms of study. You’re also able to pay your fees in monthly instalments to help you with your personal budgeting. Another benefit of distance learning is that you don’t have to pay for transport to get to and from a campus every day, and, you won’t need to pay for student accommodation.

The freedom to progress as far as YOU want

Distance learning allows you to continue building on your qualifications at your own pace. For example, after you’ve completed an N4 National Certificate, you can progress to N5 and then N6 if you so choose. After that, you’ll have the option to apply for a National Diploma. Having a National Diploma also means that you can further your education at university level. Another benefit of being one of our distance learning students is that you can stop your studies after whichever level you like — it is your choice if you would like to continue with your studies after a specific level, for example, you can decide if you want to stop after you have achieved your N4 National Certificate.

We know that these are challenging times, but we hope that this blog article has given you the motivation to continue studying, or, to start your study journey. We’re all looking forward to the day when our freedoms are back! But in the meantime, take advantage of the freedoms that you still have access to.

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