September is Public Service Month in South Africa. This month reminds public servants of their duty to serve their communities, and also recognises how important their role in society is. Have you ever thought of being a public servant yourself, and playing a role in improving the lives of people in South Africa?

The need for public servants

Government is by far South Africa’s biggest employer, with thousands of people working in national, provincial and local government departments. These employees work in virtually every industry you can think of.
There is a particularly strong demand for qualified managers in the public sector. Thousands of skilled South Africans leave the country every year to find jobs overseas, meaning that there are often gaps that need to be filled in government departments and state-owned entities. These include positions in finance, project management, general management and many others.

A wealth of job opportunities

Jobs in the public sector are available across every income bracket, skills level and experience level. Government departments and state-owned institutions offer a wide range of internships as well as entry-level jobs. Vacancies in national and provincial government are advertised regularly on the government’s main website. Click here to view the opportunities that may be available to you.

Playing your role in creating a better South Africa

If you’re looking to apply for a job in government, then you could potentially study anything from accounting to agriculture, public relations, engineering, education, marketing and everything in between. However, considering the high demand for people with qualifications specifically related to public sector management, this field provides possibly the highest potential for jobs.

So, if you’re still considering what to study and believe you would be a good fit for the public sector, then public sector management qualifications are a wise choice. These qualifications will teach you skills specifically related to working in the public sector, which will help you become a more viable candidate to government employers.

Potential entry-level office jobs you could qualify for after gaining your qualification include:

  • Administration Clerk
  • Personal Assistant
  • Contact Centre Agent
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Junior Bookkeeper
  • Client Services Officer

With experience working in the public sector, you could also find yourself working in higher-level positions such as:

  • Project Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Assistant Director
  • Director
  • Head of Department
  • Municipal Manager
  • Policy Analyst
  • Community Development Manager

In these types of senior positions, you will be able to play a significant role in the governance of departments and help make South Africa a better place!

And there’s more good news. Due to the important nature of their jobs, public sector employees usually earn very good salaries! See the below list for the average salaries in national government, and how they are expected to increase over the next few years.


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