Here are some inspiring words from Earl, one of our employees here at Oxbridge Academy:

Be who you are

If today be a day that life has tormented you and you feel you cannot get up again, just get up. You will find that when you get up and stand, it is not easy to be knocked over, but when you stay lying down it is easy to be trampled on.

Now is the time to arise and get up from any form of complacency, hurt, and mediocrity.

Being complacent is a resting place for failure and for procrastination.

Be not conformed to standards that ask you to operate outside of who you are when you are designed to be original.

Be ye not conformed!


Mountains grow in false intimidation and still remain the same in size…

But you grow in character to and in integrity…

So tell the mountain to move!

We are the light

If there was a radiance needed to change the world… it would be yours.>

If there is light needed in a dark and weary place… you would be the light needed.

We are often the only light people see when they look at us.

The only hope that someone can cling to when all hope is gone.

So today, make that choice, and be you – the light for everyone to see.

Keep smiling

Look and live

It never hurts one’s eyesight to look on the brighter side of life!


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