Oxbridge Academy has launched a new accounting school, the Oxbridge Training Institute (OTI), offering some of the top accounting courses in South Africa.

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Who exactly is OTI?

OTI was created through a merger between Oxbridge Academy and the Pretoria-based training provider, LH Education.

The newly-formed Oxbridge Training Institute uses a blended model of learning, which means that students are able to study via distance learning, as well as to access face-to-face learning at the OTI campus. OTI’s focus is on supportive, hands-on education.

OTI specialises in financial and soft-skills training. Amongst OTI’s financial programmes are some of the UK’s leading accounting training courses: the prestigious AAT accounting qualifications.

What are AAT courses?

OTI’s AAT-accredited courses are registered on the National Qualifications Framework from Level 4 to 6 and are FASSET-accredited. These courses fall into 3 main streams:

  •         Business Accounting
  •         Local Government Accounting
  •         Public Sector Accounting

You can read full course descriptions here.

AAT, or The Association of Accounting Technicians, is one of the UK’s biggest accounting qualifications and membership bodies. They award around 90% of all vocational qualifications for accountants in the UK. In South Africa, AAT(SA) supplies staff to large multinational companies such as Vodafone, Telkom, and Toyota. AAT(SA) is a joint partnership between SAICA, South Africa’s leading accountancy body, and AAT international.

Want to know more?

For more information, you can visit OTI’s website at http://www.oxbridgetraining.co.za/, or contact them on: 012 3474936

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