We present you with a breakdown of the current most popular courses at Oxbridge Academy. From secretarial to occupational health and safety courses, we provide you with affordable means to upskill.

Secretarial Courses

Job competition is fierce, especially in the corporate environment. Learn new skills with the secretarial courses that will help you gain an advantage over your competitors and land that promotion you always wanted. The following jobs are available in the administrative and secretarial fields: administrative assistant, data capturer, and receptionist, among others.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Did you know a basic understanding of recordkeeping and reporting is essential in the business world? Especially when you want to apply for that new job. Choose from a selection of short learning courses and national qualifications in bookkeeping or accounting and start your career in any of the following positions: bookkeeper, accounting clerk, office administrator, and payroll administrator, among others.

Assessor and Moderator

Do you want to work in the education industry as a registered assessor or moderator? Oxbridge Academy is a distance-learning college for you to learn all you need about becoming an assessor or moderator through our courses.

Human Resource Management

One part of human resources that you can apply to any position is managing people and client relations. This is an important skill to acquire in business. Studying one of our human resource management courses will equip you with valuable labour relations skills, communication, personnel training, and personnel management!

Events Management

Event managers are in high demand among individuals and organisations in various industries. So, if you want to work in events management, you will have many career opportunities. With the right skills, experience, and industry contacts, you can also become an entrepreneur or a freelance event manager.  With this qualification, you can become an assistant events manager, wedding planner, and events planner, among other roles.

Occupational health and Safety 

Good communication and negotiation skills are two of the general skills and characteristics needed to work in this field. Our Occupational Health and Safety courses will teach you the importance of ensuring the well-being of people in the workplace. You will learn how to recognise and isolate risks in the work environment and learn how to conduct investigations.

In Closing

So, enrol at Oxbridge Academy today and start working towards your future. Our fees are affordable with interest-free monthly instalments. We care about you. Visit our website for more information.