The role of leadership in the workplace isn’t confined to managers. There are other positions that will allow you to show your leadership skills. In addition, desired skills such as teamwork, collaboration and creativity mean that every employee has the opportunity to lead in one way or another.


Here’s how you can lead without being a manager:


Take the lead on projects

Every project that takes place in the workplace will need someone to head it up. This could give you the perfect opportunity to display leadership skills to your manager and to the company in general. When a project comes up, show some initiative and offer to take the lead. By doing this, you demonstrate that you’re willing to take responsibility and to tackle new challenges – both attributes that are highly valued by companies.


Become a staff representative

Staff representatives are tasked with the important role of representing their work colleagues: a job that naturally requires leadership skills. Staff members will often turn to you in order to voice their concerns or to ask questions related to work, meaning that you need to have good listening, communication and problem-solving skills. You may also be tasked with arranging staff events. All of these responsibilities can be highly useful for developing your leadership skills.


Head up corporate social investment (CSI) activities

CSI initiatives require strong organisational skills and consultation with stakeholders both inside and outside your company. You will often be working directly with your company’s top leadership, and gaining valuable exposure to a wide variety of fields, from finance to public relations, marketing and project management. With all of the various aspects to consider, it takes a good leader to head up these sorts of projects. Do your task well, and you’ll undoubtedly impress your employer with your initiative, commitment and leadership abilities.


Lead by example

Strive to be a reliable, hard-working and enthusiastic employee. Follow through on your promises, and be committed to whatever you’re tasked with. You may not be a manager, but you definitely have the opportunity to lead by the example you set.


Most organisations offer outlets for showing off your leadership skills. If you want to be a leader, then you should grab every opportunity with both hands!


Remember that you can also develop leadership skills through activities outside your organisation. Take up a leadership position in any committee or social clubs you’re a part of, coach the local sports team, join the board of a charity organisation, or join workshops related to leadership subjects.


Or how about taking up a short course to boost your leadership skills? Try the following online courses from Oxbridge Academy: