As life begins to transition back into a sense of normalcy, talks of what the end of the COVID-19 pandemic would look like have started to happen. Experts in public health at the World Health Organisation are already having discussions in this regard, although they still seem cautious to declare an end to this global health emergency.

This means that wearing masks in grocery stores, working from home, and studying online will still be significant aspects of the near future. Although it was a massive adjustment at first, the COVID-19 pandemic truly revealed how empowering it can be to take your studies online.

Empower Yourself with the Freedom to Get Educated from Anywhere

Perhaps the most significant freedom that studying online or via correspondence grants you is the freedom of movement. Yes, it’s true that this freedom has been restricted by lockdowns and other health regulations. And yes, it’s true that schools and universities are increasing their on-campus activity. Nevertheless, what has been proven is that the landscape of education will forever be changed.

Completing your studies entirely online has rapidly moved from an almost far-fetched, overly ambitious ideal, to a totally realised and common practice. What prevents this from continuing to be the case after we’ve washed our hands of COVID-19? Now that you’ve seen the possible freedoms that online education has in store, why would you not explore this option more seriously even after the pandemic comes to a close?

Distance learning institutions (like Oxbridge Academy) have tapped into this potential way before the word “coronavirus” became a part of our everyday lives. These types of institutions have been offering their students the ability to complete their studies from anywhere as long as they have access to an internet connection.

Join the Online Learning Revolution

The evolution of education is accelerating at an incredible pace. Never in the history of our species has a formal education been this accessible – all thanks to the technology we quite literally have at our fingertips.

The online revolution is within your grasp. Reach out to us if you want to join in the future of education.