Technological advances have brought about many changes in jobs and career paths as we have always known them. As a result, job titles are rapidly changing and are becoming more diverse, and with this, we’re seeing a lot of under-the-radar careers developing. Get to know some of these lesser-known stars, and who knows, you might find the career you’ve always been looking for but never knew existed!

Chief Listening Officer

While you may never have heard of a Chief Listening Officer, they have heard from you. Because so many companies now rely on social media for market research, customer service, and marketing, this role is crucial. A Chief Listening Officer is typically one rung higher than a Social Media Manager, and this individual is tasked with closely monitoring a variety of platforms to find out what’s being said about their company or brand. This allows the company to be able to respond quickly to any complaints or incorrect information.

If you have good communication skills, and are a great listener with a keen interest in PR, this might be the job for you.

Digital Risk Officer

As a growing number of companies are making use of digital technologies to keep up with trends and to become more competitive, they also need to deal with the exposure to security risk that this comes with. A Digital Risk Officer is therefore tasked with assessing risks associated with any breaches in data, with protecting confidential information, and with implementing security measures.
If you are analytical, computer-savvy, and have problem-solving skills to outthink cybercriminals, then this might be the career for you!

Computational Linguist

Computers and human beings constantly need to communicate with each other. For this to happen in an effective way, Computational Linguists create programs that can translate, transcribe, and comprehend regular human language. The great thing about this career is that it plays an important role in technological areas such as speech recognition and artificial intelligence.
If you are good with language and you are interested in new technologies, this could be an exciting career path for you.

Data Scientist

The way data is used has changed a lot over the years, and it carries a lot of value for businesses. Both old and new data is used for marketing strategies and campaigns, making business decisions, and understanding audiences better. Data scientists are therefore responsible for acquiring this data, organising it, and analysing it so that it can be used to benefit the business.

If you are numerically inclined, enjoy working with computers, are analytical, and can spot trends, this may be an industry you can shine in.

As more technologies are developed, the more changes we will continue to see in career paths. What seemed unimaginable a decade ago is now a reality, which means we’re now seeing the creation of new careers, like Data Scientist, Computational Linguist, Digital Risk Officer, and Chief Listening Officer.

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