It’s that time of year again where we recognise some of our most inspirational and determined students. Our four winners of the Oxbridge Academy Medal for Succeeding Against the Odds in 2019 have truly touched us with their incredible stories! We start with the story of IT entrepreneur and social game-changer, Musa Masondo.

Growing up in the small rural village of Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga, 18-year-old Musa is a perfect example of someone who is chasing his dreams – and achieving them.

“Wakkerstroom is an area where we live just to survive for another day as we believe big dreams are for the wealthy. It was in my vision to change that mentality as I live by the mottos ‘one man can change the world’ and ‘be the change you want to see’,” says Musa.

Musa saw that a friend in Pretoria had started a computer training centre, and he decided to join him and help out.

“When his centre started generating money I decided to go open one in my hometown in Wakkerstroom. Having no capital nor equipment but just a laptop, I knew I had to get a business education,” Musa says.

Musa enrolled for a business management course with Oxbridge Academy.

“My first module was legal principles which came very handy. I was running up and down looking for funds, equipment, resources, sponsorships or partnerships, so I got aware of the legal implications I must always keep in mind.”

After several months of trying, Musa eventually found a person who was running a small internet café and was qualified in IT. The two agreed to partner up.

“We decided to launch our small training centre for the local youth. Oxbridge Academy was there for me again as my module was then Marketing Management. With the knowledge I had acquired from my books we managed to get a numbers of students. Registration money was coming in, but I was then on my Financial Management module so it wasn’t a worry as Oxbridge was there again, from there I had to organise and manage everything at the centre and I learnt a lot from my Management Principles textbook.”

Musa had also taken a free Google Digital Marketing Course, and began co-ordinating workshops for the youth.

“I’d facilitate the course so I would have to spend time organising the workshops/seminars, taking care of the students’ needs, trying to engage investors and travelling to and from the places in which I’d be conducting workshops.”

At the same time, Musa was living alone at home with his younger brother, as their mother works far from home. This didn’t stop him from excelling at his studies.  

“The chores have to be taken care of by me too, all these things left much less time for me to spend on my studies but I have so far never got anything less than a distinction in all my modules.”

Musa says that his computer training business, Enlighten, is something that he is very proud of, especially because it is serving as an inspiration to other youth.

“Most of my peers are just hopeless about life and in my neighbourhood they usually see this car parking outside my house and I’d be signing things and they wonder what’s going on. I live my life to as inspirational as possible. I want to show people that anything is possible, and show my mom the proof of her hard work in raising me.”

Congratulations Musa! You are a deserving recipient of the Oxbridge Academy Medal for Succeeding Against the Odds!

On Friday, we introduce our next award winner, who is also letting nothing stand in her way of success.