Zabo, Student Advisor at Oxbridge AcademyMr Zabo Mhleli has worked at Oxbridge Academy since 2010, and is currently a team leader in our Student Advisory Department. But Zabo is not only excellent at his job; he is also an inspiration to all of our staff and students. Here’s why:

Zabo grew up in East London in a township called Mdantsane. Due to unfortunate family circumstances, he and his siblings had to be placed in the care of his extended family. And due to the unsettling situation that this created, he never got the opportunity to go to school when he reached school-going age.

Zabo’s big challenge in life came when he was 12 years old, and was finally able to enrol in school. But he had to start at the bottom, with Grade 1. Where many would have given up, or would not have started school at all after having such a setback, Zabo pushed through, worked hard, and became a top student.

At school he learned that he was a leader, and a problem solver.

“If you aren’t able to overcome challenges and have alternative positive solutions, you will not reach where you want to be.” – Zabo Mhleli (Click here to Tweet this quote)

Why Zabo Chose to Work in Education

Zabo finally finished school, and because of the empowering role that education played in his life, he decided to go into education. After working for one of South Africa’s top universities, he grabbed the chance to come work at Oxbridge Academy. The reason he gives for this decision is that he wants to help others achieve their goals and dreams, and he knows education is the key to this.

“It is a dream job to be on the educational side. You get a vibrancy from the students who are hungry to get knowledge. And seeing myself helping somebody to take a step towards their future really makes me a very happy person.”Zabo Mhleli

For Zabo, Oxbridge Academy is a college that enables students – whoever they are and whatever their background may be — to access education and study the course of their choice.

As a team leader, Zabo inspires his whole department. So if you are interested in studying at Oxbridge Academy, know that whoever picks up the phone on this side will be someone with a passion for education — someone who wants to do everything they can to help you start your studies and realise your dreams.

To find out more, visit or talk to a Student Advisor — like Zabo Mhleli — by calling us on 021 1100 200.