Graeme is a 46-year-old Insurance Manager from Gauteng, currently working in the automotive industry. He is a well-accomplished and qualified professional: he holds a BCompt Degree, and he is a member of the CSSA (Chartered Secretaries of South Africa). At the start of this year, he decided to enrol for the Online Short Course in Productivity and Accountability at Oxbridge Academy.

Graeme, the first student to complete an online course at Oxbridge Academy

The course Graeme enrolled for is one of the first online courses that Oxbridge Academy started offering as part of the new 2016 curriculum. Because Graeme was our first online graduate, we were very excited to talk him about his online student experience.

Here’s what he had to say:

OXBRIDGE ACADEMY (OA): What was it that made you decide to enrol for an online course?

GRAEME (G): For the reason that I can have access to do the course wherever I am and when I have time available. I can manage how I complete the online course.

OA: What did you enjoy most about the online learning aspect of your course?

G: Being able to handle the course in my own time and when I had time available.

OA: How do you hope your course will affect your career?

G: Any course I do is mainly for my personal benefit, but will hopefully also have a positive effect on my career. I do courses to keep up to date with new ideas.

OA: How important do you think continuous skills development is in today’s working environment?

G: I think continuous skills development is extremely important in today’s working environment. I try to do a number of courses a year to assist me in keeping up with my Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements for CSSA and AGA (SA), where I am a member.

OA: What opportunities do you think online learning tools hold for ambitious South Africans?

G: I believe that in our pressurised lives, where we have very little time available for learning, online learning is a worthwhile tool, as you can study at your own pace and when you have time available. It is easy enough to have access from anywhere and to do bit by bit when you can.

OA: What advice or recommendations would you give to someone who is unsure whether or not to take an online course?

G: I would advise that you try a short online course first (it only requires a couple of hours), and once you see how easy and manageable it is to complete, that you then look at longer online courses that will be more beneficial to you.

Graeme added that he will likely be registering for another course at Oxbridge Academy in the future. We at Oxbridge Academy want to congratulate him once again on being the first student to complete one of our new online courses, and we look forward to having him studying with us again!

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