A Matric certificate is possibly one of the most important qualifications you can earn. It makes life considerably easier, especially if you intend to join the country’s workforce.

Become competitive in the job market 

The dictionary definition of a qualification describes it as “a quality or accomplishment that makes someone more suitable for a particular job or activity”. And a Matric certificate is, essentially, a valuable qualification. It is an indicator that you possess the responsibility and self-control required to work well and complete tasks/assignments. It also inspires confidence among (potential) employers in your ability to get the job done, that you are goal driven and that you will be successful. A Matric certificate also makes you eligible for a promotion at your entry-level job while a worker who does not have a Matric will generally be overlooked in favour of someone who does.  

Matric & Bridging

A second chance with Oxbridge Academy 

Oxbridge Academy has two options for students who want to earn their Matric certificate at Oxbridge Academy. The National Senior Certificate Rewrites is recommended for students who unsuccessfully attempted their Matric from 2008 and onwards, while the Senior Certificate (as amended) option is for students (who are 21 and over) who wish to complete their Matric.  

Students who did not complete Matric in school are eligible for Oxbridge Academy’s Matric and Bridging Courses. These courses are designed to give students the chance to achieve the academic level required to continue their studies at the N1 or N4 level. You can study the following Matric and bridging courses at Oxbridge Academy:  

  • General Education and Training Certificate: ABET Level 4 
  • Bridging Certificate to N1 Engineering Studies 
  • Senior Certificate (as Amended) 
  • National Senior Certificate Rewrites 
  • Bridging Certificate: N4 Business Studies 

Register today and complete your Matric at Oxbridge Academy, the distance learning college that cares about your success. We are committed to effortless excellence in education and strive to make the learning process as stress-free as possible so that you can focus on working towards your goal. So, enrol with Oxbridge Academy today: do it for your future, invest in yourself.