With so many distractions around, it’s not easy to buckle down and study. Everything else can seem so much more exciting, and you find yourself putting off your studying. Then procrastination sets in and before you know it, you have no time left to study. What if you could incorporate your studying into your fun activities?

Here are 4 tips to help you make studying fun:

1 – Study on the move

Ever noticed how quickly you lose focus when you study for long periods of time while seated in the same place? Your mind starts to drift, and you start thinking about everything other than your work. Try studying on the move. Instead of writing and reading your work over and over, make a recording of your work and play it back while you take a walk, while you’re at the gym, or while you cook. This will give you a break from sitting at your desk, but will also not take time away from your studying.

2 – Play a quiz game

Find a friend or a relative who is willing to help you play a quiz game using your study material. Ask the other person to quiz you by asking you questions about the work you have been studying. Put out a few tasty (and healthy) snacks as rewards, so that every time you get a set of questions correct, you can reward yourself with a snack or a short study break to relax your mind.

3 – Use your doodles and drawings as study notes

Use colour-coding and Post-it notes

Using visual representations to remember your study material is not only fun, but also promotes creative thinking, and develops your critical thinking and problem solving skills. It’s a great way to activate your memory. Be sure to use a colour-coded system, create mind maps, and use Post-it notes. This will help you retain information and make it easier to recall the study material when writing essays, tests, and exams, and while doing assignments.

4 – Make catchy rhymes and tunes

Another fun alternative is to turn your study material into catchy rhymes and tunes. Think back to the times when your primary school teacher would teach you rhymes to help you remember spelling rules or maths formulas. You can use this very method to keep your studying fun when preparing for exams. It can help you remember sets of important dates, names, or numbers you will need to recall. It is easier to retain and recall catchy melodies or rhymes, and it also keeps your studying interesting.

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While studying is no joke and is not easy, it doesn’t have to be a long and boring exercise. Keep it fun by using the above-mentioned tips, and enjoy the journey of gaining knowledge, which will see you succeeding in your studies. Remember, you can study on the move by recording your study material, allowing you to do the things you enjoy while learning your work. Keep your studying interesting with a quiz game, your fun doodles and colourful notes, and catchy rhymes. Keep in mind that it is also important to take regular breaks and to reward yourself for reaching your study goals.

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