With South Africa about to go into lockdown, most of us are preparing for long and potentially boring days stuck at home. So it’s time to consider how you’re going to keep yourself busy. Our top suggestions include the opportunity to focus on your studies!

You can still get an education during the lockdown

Universities and face-to-face learning institutions have already been closed since 15 March. With the announcement of a nationwide lockdown, these institutions will only open again on 16 April, at the very earliest.

Fortunately, distance learning students do not have to put their studies on hold. In fact, the lockdown could actually be highly beneficial in helping you to further your studies!

Here are some reasons why:

  • Procrastination is a big problem for many students when it comes to sitting down and studying.  Since your movements are severely restricted during the lockdown, you need to find ways to keep your mind busy, so why not sit down and study?
  • Boredom can set in quickly when you’re locked down at home. Studying can provide you with a sense of purpose every day and break the monotony.
  • Since you’re unable to socialise much with friends, you’ll be able to focus much better on your studies.

With the future still so uncertain and the true impacts of the coronavirus yet to be revealed, you should be doing everything you can to improve yourself during these times. Continuing your education is one of the most constructive things you can do. And it will stop you from climbing up the walls at home!

What else can you do to keep yourself busy?

There are a number of other things you can do to keep you busy during this time of isolation. This is a good opportunity to try out various home-based hobbies and activities.

You could:

  • Try out some artistic activities such as making arts and crafts, painting or writing.
  • Dust off those old books you never read and get reading!
  • Play board games with your family or housemates.
  • Form WhatsApp groups with your friends or community members. Keep each other encouraged and motivated, and share any important information with each other.
  • Keep your social life ticking by trying out video calls with the most important people in your life. In other countries under lockdown, some people have even set up virtual “coffee dates” with each other!
  • Set up a large jigsaw puzzle that you and your family can work on together.
  • Take this time to reorganise and spring clean your house. 

It’s important to keep up a positive attitude during these difficult times. Do everything you can to keep your mind off the negativity of the situation, and realise that there’s nothing you can do other than to make it better for yourself. Bond with your family, keep laughing, and try out some new things!

Whether you’re in a lockdown or not, we’re always here to support you. Oxbridge Academy’s staff are always here to provide you with the assistance you need. It’s why we’ve gained a reputation as the college that CARES! Browse our distance learning courses.