Suffice to say that the last three years have been brutal: humanity’s will has been tested like never before, and it’s a testament to our collective strength that we have made it through… Almost.

While the coronavirus still invisibly lurks in the air that we breathe, we have come forward in leaps and bounds from just two years ago when some nations were placed under the harshest of lockdowns, leaving people unable to go outside, see their own family members, or even study at the schools and universities they were meant to attend.   

Naturally, this very unnatural existence for extremely social creatures (us humans) invoked a lot of anxiety worldwide. Even though there were some excellent alternatives to the restrictions (such as notable distance education schools) for students unable to register or attend their institution of choice, mental health took a global turn for the worse.

It is now the beginning of 2022, and the lockdown has eased up, allowing us all to start interacting with life again as we wish to. The bright side to this pandemic is the constructiveness that it has encouraged in the masses – with all the time people had while quarantining and working from home, they could re-evaluate their dreams and desires, and choose the most fitting path to take.

How to Unlock Your Mind After a Lockdown

While the pandemic and ensuing lockdown caused widespread fear with good reason, most people are surprised to find that they are equally anxious about resuming “normal life” again.

This is totally fine and is to be expected after enduring such extremities in our lifestyles. Here are some steps you can take to lessen the anxiety and readjust to society:

  • Be open to connection – reach out to those around you and tell them how you’re feeling. Remember that we’re weak when divided, and strong when united.
  • Be patient – most of all, with yourself. Keep in mind that we all have different ways of coping, and that it will take time for you to find your feet again.
  • Be wise and prioritise – be mindful about what you want from life, especially after most of us were left in a state of inactivity. If you’ve been contemplating studying, for example, then enrolling at a prominent distance learning college like Oxbridge Academy will give you the best of all worlds as you get to do something different without having to adapt to too much change.
  • Return to old routines – we’ve had to change so much of our lives over the last few years, so going back to your old routines that the pandemic got in the way of will help you feel more like you again.

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Your brain may feel sluggish after the last few years, but there has never been a better time than now to unlock your fullest potential.

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