If you’re interested in entering the thriving field of IT, or already working in it, then what could be better for your CV than a certification from one of the world’s largest and most respected IT companies? The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) range of internationally recognised certifications could certainly boost your career in IT. Read on to find out why!


Why obtain MTA certification?

Whether you’re looking to start a career in IT or you’re already an IT professional wanting to expand your skills, you’ll benefit from obtaining Microsoft certifications because:


1. They lay the basic foundations for a career in IT

Microsoft offers a wide range of MTA certifications and, upon successful completion of each exam, you will be awarded that particular certification. The great thing about these MTA certifications are that they will give you the foundation you need to continue to the MCSA (associate level) and MCSE (expert level) certifications. So, if you are serious about a career in IT, the best place to start would be at MTA level.


2. Certifications are valued by employers

Employers place great value on certifications when making hiring decisions. Certifications offer concrete evidence of a candidate’s knowledge of a particular field, and show that you’re serious about putting time and effort into improving yourself. An MTA certification is therefore a valuable way to start building up your CV.

3. MTA certifications are internationally recognised

Microsoft is one of the world’s most respected and popular IT brands. Since the MTA certifications all deal with Microsoft technologies, they are recognised by companies around the globe. This means that, no matter where you’re applying for an IT job one day, your MTA certification will be valuable.

4. They expand opportunities for current IT professionals

MTA courses also allow IT professionals to explore fields that they aren’t familiar with and want to learn more about. If you’re an IT professional who is considering moving into a different direction, or if you simply want to expand your skills, then these certifications will be beneficial to you.

5. The demand for IT professionals is skyrocketing

IT-related professions are some of the highest demand careers globally. In the digitally-dominated era, IT graduates face excellent employment prospects and, once they find a position, job security is normally very high. IT courses therefore arguably offer a higher potential for career success than any other field of study.


Where do you start?

Oxbridge Academy offers the following MTA exam preparation courses:

All of these courses can be completed online, in your own time, and no matric is required to start your studies. Once you’ve been found competent, you can register for the official exam and get certified!

Ready to get started? Register now!


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