From the minute we get up and turn on the radio, read the newspaper, pass the advertising boards on our way to work, and listen to the train announcements, communication is all around us.  Having strong communication skills is essential in the workplace, as it helps us carry out our tasks quickly and effectively. Whether you work in childcare or business management, good communication abilities are highly valued in the workplace.

Childcare and Educare

Children playing with toys in the foreground.

Early childhood childcare workers must be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people. To work effectively with children, parents/caregivers, colleagues, and other professionals, the childcare worker must develop communication skills. Effective interaction requires good communication skills. To develop your listening abilities, you must pay attention to what is being said. Consider what is being said and answer in a way that encourages the person to continue speaking. To show that they are paying attention, the childcare professional should glance at the person speaking and make eye contact without looking too long. For those interested in joining this field can study Childhood Development at Oxbridge Academy.

Human Resource Management (HR)

Three young professionals in a meeting.

The name says it all. Above all else, human resource management is concerned with an organization’s most valuable resource: human capital. A person cannot manage individuals without interacting with them. Verbal and nonverbal communication is key to good interaction. If you’re considering a career in human resources, you should be aware of the need for effective communication skills in your chosen sector. The Human Resources Management courses will give you knowledge and skills in industrial relations, communications, personal training, and leadership.

Public Relations

Man recording a podcast

Communication is critical to effective Public Relations (PR). It is important that both parties communicate so that both organisations are on the same page. The organisation performing the Public Relations must grasp exactly what their counterpart wants in terms of visibility. In Public Relations, the business performing the PR for a certain organisation must guarantee that the information is received correctly. If not, they should receive input on what they need to do. Through writing reviews and communicating back and forth, the sending party can help to the best of their ability.

Business Management

Boardroom scene

Communication as a managerial function is the process of developing, communicating, and interpreting ideas, facts, views, and sentiments concerning work performance, organisational effectiveness and efficiency, and goal achievement. A manager must be a skilled communicator, because, without effective communication abilities, no organisation can flourish, advance, or build a reputation. Mismanagement and poor business results may result from a poor communication system. This can be avoided by studying one of Oxbridge Academy’s Business Management programmes that will help you develop crucial managerial abilities, making you an asset to any organisation.