Most job prospects with decent career advancement opportunities require you to have a matric qualification – at the very least – to be able to apply. A matric qualification signifies to employers that you have built up the minimum literacy skills, critical thinking ability, and learning acumen to enter the workforce. Moreover, possessing a matric certificate opens doors for you to access further tertiary education which enhances your employability even more.

The days that one needed to attend a school to earn a matric are long gone, however. This means you do not have to be bound to a classroom if you want to pursue this certificate. Read on to find out how.

Distance Learning Opportunities

There are distance learning colleges that offer adults without a matric qualification an accessible and affordable way to earn a certificate without even having to leave the comfort of their own home. Oxbridge Academy, for example, offers this opportunity in the form of our Matric and Bridging Courses.

Through our support, you can work your way up to an NQF level that allows you to apply for better job positions as well as further your education by means of a diploma or a degree from a tertiary learning institution.

But what about your other options? Did you know that you don’t need a matric to further your studies?

Continuing Your Studies without a Matric Qualification

Yes, there are in fact numerous ways that you can study further without a matric certificate. Oxbridge Academy alone has a range of National Qualifications Courses from N1 up to N6. You can therefore combine our available bridging courses with these National Qualifications to advance your education without having to focus on obtaining a matric certificate in particular.

This is an ideal option for those seeking a profession-specific education that would not require them to travel the traditional educational route (from high-school to a tertiary education). Other options for studying without a matric include our short learning programmes designed to equip you with work-relevant skills.

Free Yourself with an Education from Oxbridge Academy

If you find yourself in a position where your professional (and personal) development is hindered because you aren’t in possession of a matric certificate, don’t allow yourself to get stuck in an educational rut.

Reach out to us via the form on this page. We are here to support you in your educational endeavours no matter what your situation may be.