Literacy — the ability of an individual to read and write — is often described as the foundation of all learning. Worldwide, literacy is also seen as a basic human right, and several organisations aim to aid and empower individuals all over the globe to be able to read and write.

One such organisation, UNESCO, has been celebrating International Literacy Day annually on 8 September for over 40 years. International Literacy Day aims to emphasise the importance of literacy as:

  • a learning tool,
  • an outlet for one’s imagination, and
  • a personal development and empowerment tool.

At Oxbridge Academy, we are passionate about education and skills development, and we therefore proudly support International Literacy Day. We have even developed a Basic English Language Skills e-book, which is designed to help you learn the language skills you need to succeed with your studies.

The Basic English Language Skills e-book covers the following topics:

  • General Language Tips to Get You Started
  • Parts of Speech
  • Punctuation
  • Commonly Confused Words and Phrases
  • Tips for Filling in Your College Registration Form
  • Learn How to Summarise Your Study Material
  • How to Ask for Help from Your Tutor
  • Tips for Completing Your Written Assignments
  • Tips for Answering Exam Questions
  • Language Skills at Work – How to Write a Cover Letter
  • Language Skills at Work – How to Write a Resignation Letter
  • Language Skills at Work – Sending Emails to Your Colleagues

Oxbridge Academy is passionate about education and skills development

At Oxbridge Academy, we believe in empowering our students with the necessary skills to be able to work towards their own personal development and to study towards a course and/or qualification that could in turn allow them to improve their lives. One way in which we empower our students is by offering a selection of Bridging Courses.

Students who want to study towards a National Qualification, despite not having completed Matric, are therefore able to enrol for an Oxbridge Academy Bridging Course. These courses are an alternative to Matric, as they will allow you to further your studies at the National  N1 or N4 level in the corresponding field of study at Oxbridge Academy.

Other than our Bridging Courses, you can also enrol for a wide range of skills development courses and vocational programmes with us, even if you haven’t completed your Matric. For many of these courses, the minimum entry requirements are simply that you need to be over the age of 16, and that you need to be able to read and write in English.

Want to prepare for your studies by developing your literacy skills?

Download your free copy of the Language Skills e-book