There are a few special people who manage to find success despite seemingly impossible odds. Here is the remarkable story of an Oxbridge Academy occupational health and safety student who didn’t let anything stand in his way.


Introducing Seotsanyana Mayekiso

40-year-old Seotsanyana was born into poverty in the township of Hennenman in the Free State. He and his brother and sister were raised by a single mother who earned only R150 per month. He had to drop out of school in Grade 11, as his mother had fallen gravely ill.

Seotsanyana managed to find work as a security officer, but in 2014 he was diagnosed with such serious depression that he had to be admitted to hospital.

“My one son was 14 at the time, and the other was only 2. It was so hard to try and look after them and also deal with my mother being so very sick,” says Seotsanyana.

Just a few months later, Seotsanyana’s mother passed, and he thought that life was over.

“I was on chronic medication and thought that this was the end of me. I was the only person responsible for burying my mother. I don’t know how but with the help of God I managed to bury her with dignity,” he says.


Finding Hope

After almost a year of struggle, Seotsanyana was eventually declared stable enough to begin working again. He is currently working as an in-house security officer for the Harmony Gold Mine, but is studying towards achieving greater dreams. Through Oxbridge Academy, he has already completed a national certificate in business management, and is now busy with his advanced health and safety management certificate.

“Being able to study has really helped me to not think about the pain I have experienced and still experience. I want to thank Oxbridge Academy for removing my bad thoughts and giving me hope for the future. I now have a lot of options open to me when I want to find a job that I am truly passionate about,” Seotsanyana says.

Seotsanyana is living proof that no matter your circumstances, you have the opportunity to turn your life around and to succeed against all odds. Oxbridge Academy is proud to have him as a student.


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