The first day at a new job is always nerve-wracking. There are new and unfamiliar faces everywhere, and you don’t really know where to go or what to do. And above all, you just hope that your new employer will really like you and that he or she will be satisfied with the work you do (and maybe even give you a promotion before long!).

So here are a few tips that will help you not only survive the first day at your new job, but also make a good and lasting impression on your employer and co-workers:

1) Arrive early and keep calm

Arriving early will give you adequate time to calm yourself and to take a deep breath before you start your new job. Plan ahead with regards to traffic: try to make a trip or two from your home to your new workplace to work out your travelling time before your first day.

Your first day can be overwhelming, so constantly remind yourself to keep calm and relaxed when you feel like running for the hills. In a few weeks, you’ll think back to how you felt on your first day, and it’ll all be a distant memory compared to how you’ve settled in.

2) Take notes

You will no doubt be given a lot of new information on your first day, and taking notes will help you to remember everything. Take a small notebook and pen with you, and jot down information such as people’s names and job titles, working hours and lunch times, HR information, and so on.

3) Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you aren’t 100% sure of something. Ask about the company culture, the management style, and exactly what is expected of you; you can even throw in a few personal questions to help break the ice. The more quickly you get to know your surroundings, the more quickly you will settle in.

4) Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself to every new person you see on your first day. This will show that you are approachable, and it might open the door to making a few friends at work.

5) Smile and be friendly

You’re never fully dressed without a smile! Be polite, friendly, and sociable – these traits are sure to create great first impressions with your colleagues. Plus, nothing will be more reassuring than someone smiling back at you and engaging in friendly conversation.

Remember that everyone had to start somewhere, and don’t be too hard on yourself on the first day at your new job. Keep calm, and think about the awesome opportunities that lie ahead!

Do you have any “first day” experiences that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below!

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