The festive season is officially over, your holiday has ended, and you are settling back into your work routine. Gone are the seemingly endless days when you slept in, binge-watched your favourite shows, and lazed on the beach during your December holiday. Settling back into the work routine may seem daunting, but you must remain calm. Here are some ways to make the transition between the holidays and work much easier.

Plan out your day the night before

Writing out a to-do list can be mentally exhausting, and you should avoid doing something draining so early on your first day back at work. The pressure to make decisions quickly raises stress levels and can be avoided by planning your day the night before. Doing this enables you to wake up mentally prepared for the day ahead. As a result, there won’t be any wasted energy because your day’s schedule is ready and waiting. This will help you smooth out your transition back to work. 

Start with the most intimidating task first

Identify the most intimidating task when making the to-do list and put it at the top. Whether you must answer a backlog of emails or write a report, doing the least appealing task first will free up your day for those tasks you enjoy doing. List all your duties this way, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment (and relief) as you move down the task list for the day.

Listen to music as your settle in

We all have our favourite genre of music we prefer to listen to. Whether you listen to 80’s pop or contemporary hits, you shouldn’t underestimate the effects music can have on your productivity throughout the day. Music can help you relax, help with productivity, and make you more creative at work. While classical and ambient music have long been studied for their relaxing effects, listening to your favourites of any genre can also be beneficial.

Give yourself time to relax and take breaks

Taking short breaks during the day is an effective way to manage your stress levels and help you ease into your work routine. When you are overworked and stressed about your job, you are more likely to make mistakes and produce poor-quality work. You must take time to unwind, chat with your co-workers, and settle in, even when tempted to spend the whole day catching up on your assignments.