The only way to pass any course with flying colours is to work hard at the assignments. Truly absorb all you can from the course material. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you pass your OHS course with flying colours:


1. Go the extra mile in your assignments

Don’t just do your assignments in order to get them done; instead try and learn from them in a meaningful way. Remember that the ultimate goal is for you to use this knowledge in your life and career after you’ve completed the course.

Put energy, time and effort into researching and writing your essays. It’s important to understand the information so that you can apply it in practice later when you work in the occupational health and safety field.


2. Make notes of your notes

Making notes of your notes can include mind maps, lists or summaries. The point of this is to put the new concepts you’re learning into your own words. You could also try and explain it to someone else who doesn’t know the field.

Click here to learn more about making notes


3. Use a calendar to time-manage

Big calendars are easy to work with and they help you see exactly how much time you have left before your next assignment. Use a calendar to plan your weeks/months in advance. Take planned events, appointments and special occasions into account, such as birthdays and doctors’ appointments, and plan your study and research sessions around them.


4. Have regular study sessions that work for you

Find out which kind of study session works for you. Not every student has the same ideal study technique. Some might be visual learners, while others are auditory learners. No matter which technique works for you, the important thing is that you work on your essays regularly. It’s also important to find out what your ideal study break is. Some people study best with short, frequent breaks while others need fewer, longer breaks.


5. Test yourself

Ask yourself questions while you work. This will allow you to continuously exercise your mind as you read or write your assignments. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or relative to test you to see how much of the information you’ve really absorbed.


6. Get enough sleep and eat well

Do not pull an all-nighter the night before an assignment is due. If you follow the previous tips, you won’t need to anyway! Decent assignments and essays take time and revision. Also, remember to eat well while you study – healthy snacks are encouraged. For some ideas on this, check out our nutritional tips for working students.  


We wish you all the best with your upcoming assignments. Stay healthy and remember to time-manage. Good luck with your OHS course!