Mornings should be your most productive time of the day, especially if you wish to occupy a professional position at work, such as that of a business manager or accountant. One of the simplest ways to be more productive in your work and personal life is to wake up early and take advantage of all the extra time you have available at the beginning of the day.

To make sure that you get the most out of your mornings, you can consider doing the following:

1) Start your day early

An early start to the day means that you’ve already won half the battle. Just make sure that you get enough rest the night before so that you are energised and refreshed when you wake up. When you wake up earlier than the rest of the world, you are already giving yourself a head start, which is a great motivator throughout the rest of the day.

2) Eat a proper breakfast

The last thing you want is to have all your energy run out before lunchtime, so it is important to have a healthy, nourishing breakfast. Try eating a high-fibre meal, with enough protein and carbs to keep you going throughout the morning.

Healthy breakfast

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3) Exercise

Try integrating some exercise into your morning routine. You will be surprised at how much calmer, happier, and more productive you will be for the rest of the day. You don’t have to include a lot of vigorous physical activity — taking a walk, climbing the stairs, riding a bike, and walking the dog are just a few examples of activities you can easily include in your morning routine.

4) Prioritise

Don’t fill your mornings with too many activities. Make time for the most important things, but be careful not to wear yourself out too quickly. If there are important tasks that take up too much energy in the mornings, try to do them the night before.

If you want to go a step further:

5) Brighten things up

Surrounding yourself with bright colours can increase your confidence. Painting your bedroom with warm tones like green and yellow tend to make you feel happier, while waking up to red tones will give you more energy.

Brighten up your mornings

6) Dress well

Dress up for each day — it will increase your confidence, self-esteem, and productivity.

7) Be positive

A good way to be positive in the mornings is to look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Then try to keep smiling throughout the day. If you struggle to maintain a positive mindset, make a mental list of the things that you are grateful for.

Once you’ve figured out how to make the most of your mornings, and you find that you are more productive, more energetic, and happier in general, you can start tackling bigger goals, like furthering your studies, learning new skills, and applying for a more senior position at work.

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