The December holidays are when we unwind and bond with our loved ones. This time can be challenging for students who want to use all this free time to get ahead with coursework. However, all that free time can quickly vanish after all the festive activities. Here are some helpful hints to help you work more efficiently while enjoying festive fun over the holidays.

Create a festive-free workspace

There is nothing more distracting while trying to study than seeing flickering fairy lights and hearing Christmas carols. Try to find a quiet, focused area wherever you’re spending the holidays; your private bedroom or a peaceful neighbourhood coffee shop are both excellent places to start.

Study in the morning

Studying early in the morning while it’s quiet has advantages because it helps you remember better and keeps your body healthy. Chances are that most of your family will still be asleep. So, choose a room you associate with learning, as this will put you in the right frame of mind. Remember to maintain a balance by exercising after a study session. Doing this will keep you fresh for the rest of your day!

Try your hand at Microlearning

Avoid cramming in too much information during long study sessions because research shows we forget 80% of what we learn. As members of a college, we know overdoing it increases the risk of a meltdown. Taking things slowly and learning in bite-sized chunks will enable you to study more effectively around Christmas activities.

Reward yourself

Studying during the festive season is a pain – the key is to do it correctly. Learning a new topic is easier when you are in a happy mood. Take as much time as you need, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you struggle. Spend some time figuring out what study techniques work best for you: viewing online tutorials, listening to lecture audio, or reading and highlighting passages in a book.

Take the day itself off, don’t be selfish

If your family traditionally spends time together on this day, set your studies aside and spend the big day with them. Nothing will make them unhappier than when you tell them you will be spending Christmas day isolated in a room, with your nose buried in your books. Remember that the difficulty of studying throughout the holiday season quadruples on Christmas Day itself. So, do not make any study plans for that day.