Many companies have discovered that productivity falters annually during October and November. This time of year also sees an increase in depression and stress levels. Why does this happen?

Studies have shown that we tend to get very nervous when the year starts drawing to a close, because we start thinking about everything that still needs to happen before the end of the year. We start to think about the goals we set for ourselves, the targets we need to reach, and the accomplishments we want to reach – and we get nervous about not having met them yet.


How can you avoid this?

Determine which goals are still important

As the year goes on and your personal and professional responsibilities develop, goals and priorities change. Something that was very important in January might not be as important now. Take another look at your goals and determine if they are still important.


Make a list of priorities and set deadlines

Once you have determined which goals are still relevant, break them down into a to-do list with deadlines. Each small activity that forms part of the greater task should have a deadline. This will help you to plan the time you have left efficiently.


Don’t alter your daily routine just for the sake of it

If your daily routine has worked for you for 9 months, don’t change it now. Carry on with your work as you usually would have, or plan your days in the same method you have been doing. Don’t let your nerves take over – remain calm and work through your to-do list.


Recognise small achievements

Whenever you feel like you’re running around like a chicken without a head: stop, take a few deep breaths, and think about what you have accomplished that day. Even if it’s something small, like answering a few e-mails – it is still something that you have already achieved that day!


Realise that everything doesn’t end on 31 December 2016

If you can’t complete everything on your to-do list by the time you go on holiday, do not worry! You can always continue when you return to work in January 2017. Remember that rest and relaxation are important if you want to stay productive throughout the year.


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