Research shows that education can lead to employment, which is why we invest much of our time in education.  

Oxbridge Academy, a leading distance learning college, offers its students several qualifications to invest in and set themselves apart from the crowd. But after you earn your qualification, your next step is getting that dream job. Here are 5 great tips for landing your dream job. 

Job networking  

Networking is crucial when searching for a job. Whether online or in person, networking is how most people discover jobs. If you don’t let your connections know that you’re looking for work, you never know who might be able to point you in the right direction. Take advantage of LinkedIn job opportunities to stay in touch with co-workers, classmates, and colleagues in your industry. 

Reliable references 

It is imperative to select references who are familiar with your work and can vouch for you. So, get references from bosses, co-workers and clients. Most recruiting managers will eventually check your references. Did you know good references can persuade a hiring manager to choose you over your competitors? 

Customise your cover letter 

This document should elaborate on the information found in your Curriculum Vitae. A cover letter explains gaps in your employment history, elaborates on your duties in your previous role, and highlights why you are the perfect candidate. It must be tailored to every job application to increase your hiring chances. Always use the posted job description as a guide for your cover letter and highlight why you are suitable for the position. Always check for typos before applying. 

Prepare for the interview. 

Research, research, and more research! It is critical to research the role and the company. The information will assist you in preparing for the interview. Remember, you are also interviewing them. So please have a few questions to ask them too! 

Appearance and attire 

Practising mock interviews will help you improve your interview skills and make you more confident as you walk into the interview. Make sure you are well-groomed for the interview as well. Remember, first impressions last!

Good luck!