It’s usually a good idea to start looking for a job while you’re studying. This means that you’re proactive about your future and it also allows you the time to choose the perfect position and company for you. Educating yourself through distance learning means that you can control your own schedule and make the time to find the job you really want.
Here are a few tips you can use to find that job while you’re busy with your studies:

Update and polish your CV

Being enrolled in a distance learning course means that you’re busy acquiring new skills. It’s important to include these new skills in your CV before sending it out, along with your most recent qualifications, valid references and employment history. State that you are currently enrolled in your distance learning course, as this shows the potential employer that you are committed to upskilling.

Put effort into your CV and ask someone you trust and respect to read through it. Your CV is the first impression of you a potential employer will receive, so it’s vital to understand What Your CV Really Says About You. Also remember to proofread your CV for spelling errors and be careful about the words you choose to use on your CV. For help in this regard, read this blog post on 10 Words You Should Never Use on Your CV.

Create profiles on online job search platforms

Choose established online job search platforms such as LinkedIn, JobMail and CareerJunction, and create professional profiles on them. Make sure that these profiles show your skills and qualifications, including the course you’re currently studying. Think of these online profiles as your digital CV. They require just as much effort and professionalism.

If you’ve already built your profile/s, make sure to keep them updated, and specify which kinds of jobs you’re looking for. These platforms often have fields or drop-down menus that help you to match your skill sets with the advertised jobs in your industry. Try to check the available jobs as regularly as you can.

Keep track of your job applications

When applying for jobs, don’t only apply for one. Apply for all the jobs that interest you so that you have options and can choose the best option for you. During this process, it can be easy to lose track of all the jobs you’ve applied for.

Keep a list of the jobs you’ve applied for. If you get a follow-up call for an interview, you should be able to access the job description, title, location and company. You can do this by keeping a written list or Excel sheet of your job applications.

Practise your interviewing skills

Prepare yourself for the common job interview questions by reading the following blog post: How to Answer 9 of the Most Difficult Interview Questions. Practise answering these questions. Write down your answers before the time so that you feel confident going into a job interview.

Use the knowledge you’ve gained from your distance learning course in the interview if you can and remember that you’re also allowed to ask questions: here are 10 Things You Should Ask During a Job Interview.

It’s helpful to get to know the established companies in your industry while you’re studying your distance learning course. Starting your job search early will help you decide which jobs you like. So start updating your profiles and searching today.