As you learn, develop and progress professionally in any workplace, there will come a time where what is expected of you may start to change. This is not a bad thing, as it can lead to new opportunities. The trick is to be adaptable enough to manage the change and to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Don’t cling to your comfort zone

Dealing well with changing expectations means being adaptable, being flexible and having a willingness to learn. There’s a lot you can learn on the job. Your co-workers in their different roles have valuable knowledge to exchange with you. If you want to flourish while managing changing expectations, it’s important that you try new things and allow yourself to be teachable and open to new knowledge and new methods.

Remember that stepping out of your comfort zone can benefit you immensely. You might find that you have a talent or an interest in an unexpected area.

Communicate clearly

If you’re not sure how your role is changing or what is currently being expected of you, it’s essential that you ask. Your employer should inform you about any changing expectations. However, sometimes employers forget or neglect to do this and can leave you in the dark about what’s required of you. In this case, make an appointment to have a real conversation. Ask for clarity so that you know what you are expected to deliver. Don’t suffer in silence and confusion!

Consider upskilling yourself

Training or studying

This can take place in the form of workplace training. Take initiative by asking your employer about this possibility. A convenient alternative is to enrol in a distance learning course to further your education.

Increased opportunity

Upskilling can increase your confidence and capability when dealing with changing expectations at work. It may also qualify you for other positions and possibilities in the working world and may increase your earning power.

With clear and direct communication, upskilling, and a bit of bravery and open-mindedness, you’ll be able to handle changing expectations so long as they’re not unreasonable.

If you are deeply unhappy with expectations at work, you might simply be in the wrong job or career. It’s never too late to switch paths and start evolving.