As a journalism student or writer of any sort, you need to get with the times and fully embrace the power of the internet. One of the most important digital platforms you can use to develop your career is that of the online or digital portfolio.

To find work as a journalist or writer in the good ol’ days, you had to have a hard copy portfolio that you would send to employers, magazines, or agencies along with your CV. Today, on the other hand, having an online portfolio can be an exponentially more powerful resource. You can use your online portfolio not only to apply for jobs, but also for building your reputation, gaining experience, and getting exposure for your writing career.

You can take a look at this Oxbridge Academy infographic to learn how to create an impressive digital writer’s portfolio:

Use your portfolio to market yourself

Your online portfolio is a dynamic showcase of your writing prowess and achievements. So show off with it and get some exposure!

You can link to your portfolio from your Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ or Twitter profiles in your About section, website listing, or timeline posts. You can also link to your portfolio from your personal blog, or any other site where you might be featured as a writer. Try to get as much traffic to your portfolio as possible in order to increase your visibility.

Tip: Don’t forget old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing! Tell people you meet to go check out your portfolio website.

Using your portfolio to apply for work

An online portfolio can be a great place for prospective employers to find you, but remember that you can also use it when applying for work:

  • You can email prospective employers a link to your portfolio.
  • You can save your portfolio in PDF format, and send it to employers via email.
  • You can easily print out your PDF portfolio if you need a hard copy.

You can always include a link in the PDF document, or a website address in the printed version, that will give employers a chance to visit your online portfolio if they wish to.

Have any tips for creating an online writer’s portfolio that you’d like to share with us?

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