It’s not always possible simply to find a new job or to move to a different company whenever you are not completely satisfied. The unemployment rate in South Africa is high, and one reason for this is that there are simply too many people in relation to the number of vacancies. This means that you aren’t guaranteed to find a new job if you leave your current one. In addition, you might be dependent on the salary you’re earning, so it would not be wise to simply quit your job.


Luckily, there are some ways you can make your current job more interesting for yourself:

Find the bigger picture

Do you ever feel as though you’re simply sitting at your desk, typing all day? Do you feel as though your job has no meaning? Remember that all the jobs in the organisation are connected somehow. Most jobs are dependent on the tasks completed by people in other jobs, and all of them eventually work together towards the organisation’s goals. That is why it is important for you to know where you and your job fit into the bigger picture. It will make you feel like you’re part of something – because you are!


Make it important

No matter what your job is, you should feel important doing it. After all, you are part of the design that contributes to the organisation’s success! Make the job important to you. Start caring about what you do and always try to do it well. That way, you will feel satisfied with your day’s work.

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Shift your focus

If you can’t find satisfaction in your job, then shift your focus to something beyond work. Focus on being a good mother or a loving father; learn new skills; start a new hobby; spend more time with friends. It’s important to remember that your work is not your life. Your life actually happens outside work. Start getting your joy in life from what you do outside work. It will make your time spent at work more tolerable.


Look for the next opportunity

If you are no longer satisfied with your current job, keep an eye out for opportunities within the organisation. As the organisation grows, the various departments will get larger, which will in turn open up more job opportunities. There could even be a few extra tasks you could take on to prove to your manager that you are capable of doing more skilled work.


Remember that you’re never too old

While older people are often hesitant to try new things because they are settled in their comfort zones, you shouldn’t let your age hold you back! If you want to learn a new skill or try something new, you shouldn’t be afraid to do it simply because you are not young anymore. Companies often value their older employees because of all their experience. They would likely allow you to move to a new area of interest rather than risk losing all the years they spent investing in you along with all the experience and knowledge you have.


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