There are about 10 million vehicles on South Africa’s roads – and each year, this number grows as thousands of new cars are manufactured and sold across the provinces.

The automotive industry is big in this country, benefiting not only manufacturers and dealerships, but also the mechanics, technicians, and engineers who work on the motors!  

Getting a recognised engineering qualification in motor mechanics, as offered via distance learning by Oxbridge Academy, can help you find your place in this industry and help you to start building a successful career.

Below you can see step-by-step how you can build a successful, and well-paying, career as a motor mechanic:

What are the benefits of studying motor mechanics via distance learning?

Becoming a motor mechanic means learning a trade, and practical knowledge and experience are just as important as a good qualification if you want to build a career from it.

Distance learning allows you to start job-shadowing, working, or doing an apprenticeship at a workshop or dealer while getting your qualification through part-time distance learning.

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