Life is short. Time is precious. Time is money. We hear these expressions all the time, and even though they might sound like clichés, all of them are true because, let’s face it, if you aren’t really making the most of your time, then what are you really doing with your life? Find out how much time you’re wasting, and how to turn wasted time into productivity!

What are you wasting your time on?

Activities such as watching videos, playing video games and using social media are all eating into the productivity of the modern generation. There is nothing wrong with using these as outlets to relax. However, problems arise when we allow them to replace time that could be spent on achieving career goals, performing well at work, or spending time with our families and loved ones.    

The following infographic shows just how much time we spend on these largely unproductive activities.

Infographic Time management

Think about how much of this time could be spent on doing more important things like studying for your exams, working towards your career dreams or achieving your personal goals. 

Stop eating up your time!

It sometimes feels so much easier to stay in your comfort zone, and to stay away from doing the things that challenge or intimidate you, but the road to success and happiness is only paved with hard work. To achieve this, you should focus on using your precious time productively.

You already know when you’re doing something that isn’t benefitting you or when you’re wasting your time. Work at cutting down on these activities and start replacing them with constructive ones. Once you’ve achieved your dreams, you’ll realise that making the most of your time was worth every single second!

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