As an educational institution, we know that mentoring and motivating people plays an important role in enriching the lives of others. And in a family context, fathers are often regarded as the mentors and motivators. So we would like to take this opportunity – on Father’s Day – to thank all the fathers who have touched and enriched the lives of their family members.


To all the father figures out there:

Whether you are a biological father, stepfather, or fatherly mentor – we thank you for everything you do and for everything you mean to the people in your life.


Here is a little tribute to the dads of some of our employees here at Oxbridge Academy. We asked the following employees to respond to the statement “Why I love my father”, and this is what they had to say:


Danielle says:

“A father’s love towards his daughter and the daughter’s love towards her father is very precious. No other man’s love can compare with the love of a father towards his daughter, and that is why I love my father. It’s a precious bond that will always stay firm.”


Cindy says:

“My father is my King and I can always depend on him. I can definitely say that I am the apple of his eye. We have a very close bond and he is my Daddy in a million. I love him to bits.”


Luhanie says:

“I love my father for being there for me from the day that I was born. He shares his dreams with us and we see how they unfold and come true, this makes me believe in dreaming big like he does. I love my dad for the support that he gave us right from the start. How he loves my mother and how he cares. My dad will always be there for his children. If there is one thing that I can point out that I love the most about my dad, then it would be that he is the best example that a dad can be on this planet.”


Adriaan says:

“I love my father because he has always had my back and has always supported my decisions whole-heartedly. Not only that, but he has always encouraged me in whatever I undertake, and celebrated with me when I succeeded.”


So, from all of us here at Oxbridge Academy, Happy Father’s Day!