This week, we are sharing the inspirational story of Nadine Lynch, a current student in one of our bridging programmes. Hailing from Johannesburg, Nadine began her journey with Oxbridge Academy at the end of 2021 after learning how affordable the courses are. She is a dedicated, goal-driven student with a bright future ahead of her!

“When it comes to my studies, I put my “heart and soul” into the work”


Nadine enrolled in a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC), specifically the Adult Based Education and Training (ABET) Level 4 programme after a family member informed her about Oxbridge Academy. This programme is a bridging course equivalent to a high school ninth-grade qualification. She has also saved money to pay extra for her course to get more books.

A naturally shy person, Nadine says she struggled somewhat when she had to record herself for video assignments, but she pushed through, and she will be writing her exam soon! She plans on getting her a matric certificate in 2022: “I am looking forward to getting matric by […] November 2022”. The learning programme has been “fun” even though she experienced some difficulty with her assignments relating to her camera shyness.

Dream Career

When asked about her dream job, Nadine stated she has quite a few options. Her career interests range from becoming a zoologist who focuses on primates or marine life, to becoming an engineer in spacecraft manufacturing. Nadine says her dream career involves working in the space industry where she wants to help build rocket engines: “I would love to help build rocket engines and [be] able to see a launch happen instead of viewing it on YouTube every now and then”.

Nadine says her “experience at Oxbridge Academy has been beyond [her] wildest imagination, the staff is easy to ask for help when [she] needed it”! She made the right choice when she opted to enrol for a bridging course at Oxbridge Academy.