If you’re looking for someone to inspire you, then Tamryn Petersen is your girl! Despite a life-changing tragedy, Tamryn — a student advisor at Oxbridge Academy — is achieving extraordinary things.

At only 20 years old, Tamryn already has a long list of achievements behind her. Not only has she completed courses in human resources, educare and beauty therapy, but she is also the owner of her own beauty business, Nail Paradise.

Along the way, she has experienced more challenges and heartbreak than many people do in a lifetime.

Life-changing events

 Tamryn fell pregnant at a young age in high school.

“At the time I was very immature yet I had to make very wise choices, one of which was the life I wanted to give my daughter.”

Despite being a teenage parent, Tamryn matriculated as one of the top learners in her school, getting three distinctions, and she found a job working in administration at Oxbridge Academy. She could feel her life becoming more stable.

But in 2018, her entire world came crashing down around her, when she lost her daughter — only three years old at the time — in a car accident.

“My world came to a standstill. The one person who was my daily motivation was suddenly taken away from me, just when I thought things were finally falling in place. Since that terrible day, my life has never been the same, but I take it day by day,” says Tamryn.

Using her daughter as inspiration

Tamryn says that she uses life’s challenges to find the motivation to be better. She thinks about her late daughter, and the 9-month old son she had with her husband Dorian.

“My inspiration comes from the legacy of my late daughter and my son because without him, I don’t know where I would’ve been. My inspiration also comes from my mom because she has raised me and moulded me into the woman I am today. She has taught be to be strong and courageous.”

Mom, wife, student, employee, entrepreneur

In 2019, Tamryn started her own small business, specialising in nail treatments and hair services. She says that balancing her time is a challenge.

“Juggling being a mom, a wife, an employee, a student and an entrepreneur can never be easy. But with determination, hard work and a dream, you can make it happen. Prioritise, no matter how hard choosing can be.”

Tamryn encourages other young people to keep persevering, no matter how hard life gets.  

“Always bear in mind why you started studying in the first place. Keep the end goal in mind and sight. Push through, no matter how hard things get. And lastly always remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your dreams. Never give up on your dreams due to temporary circumstances.”

It’s difficult not to feel inspired by Tamryn’s incredible story. Oxbridge Academy is extremely proud to have her as one of our employees. She is a shining example for South Africa’s youth, proving that seemingly impossible obstacles can be conquered.

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