The thought of studying alone through distance learning can be a scary one for some people. Although your college might offer you fantastic support, it’s understandable to want someone alongside you during your studies. So why not get a study buddy to join you?

Settle your nerves about distance learning

You want to start studying, and you’ve decided on the college you want to study with. The college offers its courses through distance learning, something very different to what you’re used to from your days at school. While there are many advantages to distance learning, it does take some adjustment. Because there aren’t any face-to-face classes, you won’t be meeting people who are studying the same course as you and walking the same journey as you.

It’s natural to feel nervous about studying by yourself. Who can you turn to for support when you’re struggling? How will you get help to prepare properly for exams? Who can you share your experiences with? If you’ve chosen the right college, then there should be people such as tutors and student advisors available to assist you. But how great would it be to have a friend or family member walking the journey with you too? Someone you can lean on and who can help make studying a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

Finding a study buddy

So how do you go about finding a study buddy? Well, perhaps one of your friends or family members is also looking to study. If you’re both interested in the same field of study, then you should consider registering for the same course together. This way, you’ll have a loved one with you throughout your study journey.

You can then help each other by:

  • working together on assignment questions.
  • setting a study schedule.
  • keeping each other motivated.
  • discussing study material to make it easier for you to understand.
  • having study sessions together.
  • submitting assignments on time.
  • testing each other on study material before writing exams.
  • keeping track of important dates such as exam dates.
  • providing emotional support and encouragement.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a friend or family member who can study with you, then the next best thing is to reach out to other people who are studying the same course as you.

Try posting on the college’s Facebook page, asking around for students who are studying what you are. From there, you can form a study group with them and support each other.

When you’re both working towards the same goal, you’ll find it easier to pass your course and get that qualification you’ve been striving for!

Save money while you’re at it!

There’s an added bonus to finding a study buddy – you can save money!

Enrol with a friend!

Oxbridge Academy offers a referral voucher of R400 off your course fee. If you’re enrolled to study, and you refer a friend who also enrols, then you will receive the voucher, and your friend will also get R400 off their course!

Get your family on board!

In addition, if you’re already studying at Oxbridge Academy, you’ll get 10% off your course if one of your siblings also decides to study with us, and they’ll get the same saving.

Getting a study buddy is a rewarding, fun way to help you get through your studies. But remember that even if you don’t have one, we’re here to provide you with the support you need! As the college that cares, we’d like to think of ourselves as your study buddy too!

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