Today’s blog post was written by one of our very own helpdesk administrators, Dawn Sharon Fisher. Dawn is currently studying her National Certificate: N4 Public Management with us, and here’s her story:

What a drag…

When you register, you have this wonderful notion of studying and getting your assignments in as quickly as you can.

What a wake-up call!

Night after night you get home, as tired as can be. You do your normal duties and finally you’re ready for bed. Then you look at your table, and there, silently, your study modules are looking at you, mocking you. You tell yourself tomorrow night, yes, tomorrow night, I will start!

Dawn Fisher

Dawn Fisher

Tomorrow arrives, and you get caught up in the day … working, working, working. And then home. Then the same ritual. But then, one night, you just sit down and start reading your study module. And you find it so interesting! And you cannot stop! You read and read. Hours later you realise that you will actually have to go to bed because you have to work the next day. But you feel so invigorated!

The next day at work, you can’t wait to get home to study and to get something on paper. You’re excited. You tell your colleagues how wonderful the study material is.

On your way home you ask yourself: “Why did I wait so long? Why did I procrastinate?” Upon arriving home, you get started, and it’s almost as if you’re hungry and anxious to begin, almost like opening a present at Christmas time. You know that feeling? Well, night after night you study and work on the assignment, and then – finally – the assignment is finished. And you have that satisfied feeling. A feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile.

You haven’t attended any classes; you have taught yourself. And that takes some doing – and a lot of courage. No one knows the utter frustration you felt when, having read and reread something, you still could not understand it. No one felt the aches and the pains of your neck and back. But it was worth it. It was worth it because it was your strength, knowledge and courage that got you to write that assignment and to do it to the best of your ability.

But the best of all, the utmost best of all, is when you pass that first assignment and you know it was worth the sacrifice.

So, to all the distance learning students out there … I salute you.

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