At Oxbridge Academy, we believe in rewarding our students when reward is due. This is why, in July 2015, we created the Oxbridge Academy Succeeding Against the Odds Award – which is a bi-annual award that aims to reward students who have succeeded in their studies despite any physical, educational, social, or financial obstacles that they have faced.

How does it work?

Twice a year, three students are selected as recipients from a group of students who have been nominated as potential candidates for this award. The selections are made based on the motivational letters that are received along with each nomination. The recipients of this award each receive:

  • An Oxbridge Academy Medal for Succeeding Against the Odds
  • A Special Merit Award (which covers 30% of the fees of the recipient’s next course at Oxbridge Academy)

Through this award, we hope to make it possible for some of our students to further their studies in situations where they may not otherwise have been able to do so.

The recipients of the November 2015 award:

Our latest Succeeding Against the Odds Award winners, for November 2015, are: Lizette Janse van Rensburg, Mathe Salome, and Emile Smith. Here are their stories:

Lizette Janse van Rensburg

Lizette Janse van Rensburg

Lizette Janse van Rensburg, from Mpumalanga, has been working for one of the biggest energy companies in South Africa for the past eight years. In 2011, doctors found a tumour in her pituitary gland. This was not the only health problem she was confronted with, however… read more

Mathe Salome

Mathe Salome

26-year-old Mathe Salome and her husband were both working as contract employees in rural Limpopo. When their contracts were terminated one after the other in 2010, they had nowhere to turn… read more

Emile Smith

Emile Smith

At age 11, Emile was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a muscle disease that severely hampers movement and mobility. This disability became an immense obstacle when he wanted to pursue his studies:

“After I finished school it was very difficult to get into varsities due to my muscle problem because it limits me in many ways, like for example I can’t use public transport… I couldn’t get work either. It was a sad phase of my life.”

The comfort of distance learning, which allowed him to study from home, eventually enabled Emile to further his education… read more

Do you think you deserve an Oxbridge Academy Medal for Succeeding Against the Odds?

If you are an Oxbridge Academy student, and would like to be considered for this award, please keep an eye on your e-mail for the application information.

Alternatively, if you know someone who you think is a deserving recipient of this award, please send your motivation to: (Please remember to include your own contact details, as well as the name, surname, student number, and contact details of the student you wish to nominate).

The closing date for the next award is 31 July 2016.