“Fearless” might not be the right word for the message behind this blogpost – it implies a lack of fear. What the hunt for knowledge requires is not a lack of fear, but the boldness and bravery to look fear and its many obstacles in the face so that you can overcome them.

You might find that aside from the obvious obstacles – like financial constraints and a lack of accessibility – the only thing standing in your way of pursuing a decent education is yourself. Doubts and fears have this crafty way of creeping in when you least need them to. The key is not to surrender to these, but to conquer them so that you can continue unhindered in your quest for education.

The purpose of this blogpost is neither to provide you with advice on how to overcome your fears (click here if that is what you are looking for) nor to give you tips on how to address the fear of failure (click here for these). The central aim here is to hopefully inspire you to march forward in your pursuit of knowledge, regardless of the obstacles you may face.

Courage Exemplified

As part of the abovementioned aim, let’s take a look at a historical example of bravery in the pursuit of knowledge – Ruby Bridges.

Ruby Bridges is an African American woman who became the first child of colour to attend a previously all-white school in the American South. This occurred in 1960, and her attendance at this school in Mississippi was met with so much violent backlash that Ruby and her parents had to be escorted by federal marshals to the school daily for that entire year.

With slurs and threats being thrown her way at the tender age of six (from adults no less), no schoolmates to play with, several teachers refusing to teach her, and her family detrimentally impacted by the fact that she attended the school, she treaded onwards towards her and her parents’ aspirations. Through it all, they remained steadfast in their fight for her right to get educated.

Later in life, Ruby would go on to advocate for this right on the behalf of others through the foundation she established in her name. Ruby Bridges remains an activist for racial equality and equal education to this day.

Be Brave, Get Educated

Stories like Ruby’s – ones that inspire through courage shown in the face of adversity – don’t have to be an exception to the rule. If this six-year-old girl can stand firm in her resolve to pursue knowledge, so can you.

No matter the obstacle, Oxbridge Academy is committed to helping you succeed in your educational pursuits.

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