Do you have a big career dream, but fear that you may fail in reaching it? The fear of failure can be so powerful that it results in you settling for second-best, ending up in a job you don’t enjoy. Here’s why you should never let this fear hold you back, and how you can rise above it.

Why do people fear failure?

We all want to make a success of our lives. When we don’t succeed at something, we often feel demoralised and reluctant to dust ourselves off and try again.  You may also be facing a number of obstacles that seem almost impossible to overcome. Maybe you don’t have a matric certificate, or you lack the financial means to get a university degree relevant to your career path. Fortunately, an increasing number of affordable education options such as distance learning, practical training, and online courses are making it easier to get a good education.

In a country such as South Africa, where employment can be difficult to come by, many people adopt the mindset that “any job will do”. The truth is that if you’re really determined to follow your dreams, then there are ways to do so, even without huge financial resources.

Why you shouldn’t fear failure

Being afraid to fail can cause you to miss chances to develop your special talents and to feel truly fulfilled. By stepping out of your comfort zone and setting your doubts aside, you’re able to truly grow as a person. There is much truth in the statement that it’s better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.

Follow these steps to overcome your fear of failure:

1 – Identify the root of your fear. Does your fear stem from financial reasons? Does it come from a lack of self-confidence or negative thoughts that you have about yourself? Identifying where your fear comes from is a crucial factor in helping you overcome it.

2 – Recognise how your fear is holding you back. Make a list of your career goals, without being afraid to dream big. Now ask yourself whether your fear of failure is holding you back in achieving any of these goals. What kind of thoughts do you have when you think about them? Write down the reasons why you may be fearful about pursuing these goals.

3 – Look at the past. Think about times in the past when you didn’t do something because you were afraid to fail. What positives would have come out of it if you had tried? By not trying, what did you miss out on? What would have been the worst outcome if you hadn’t succeeded?

4 – Follow your heart. Following your passions will make it easier to achieve your goals. We all want to be in a job that we enjoy, so base your career goals around this.

5 – Go out and do it. Often, we procrastinate doing the things we’re afraid of. Start facing your fears, even if it means starting with the small ones.

6 – Give everything to the cause. Put 100% effort into following your dream. Mediocre effort will only lead to mediocre results. Throw yourself into every opportunity and possible pathway that could lead to achieving your dreams.

7 – Understand that mistakes are an opportunity to learn. If you make a mistake, realise that it can usually be fixed. If it can’t, then view it as an opportunity for learning and growth.

No fear should hold you back from achieving what you want in life. Remember that you only become a failure by failing to try.

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