With the digital age in full flow, few professions are in higher demand than ones related to information technology (IT). Take advantage of the incredible opportunities offered by this field by preparing for a CompTIA certification – your gateway to a career in IT.

What are the CompTIA certifications?

CompTIA is a non-profit trade association and one of the world’s leading technology associations. The organisation offers leading certification programmes to IT professionals and those looking to kickstart a career in IT. The CompTIA courses include:

CompTIA A+ (220 – 901 and 220 – 902): This is the logical starting point for anyone who wants to start a career in IT. The certification covers the fundamentals of common hardware and software technologies, thereby preparing you for technical support and operational IT roles.

CompTIA Security+ (SYO-401): If you want to join the thriving field of IT security, then this certification is a good place to start. This globally trusted certification covers the essential principles for network security and risk management, showing employers that you have the skills needed to secure their networks and protect vital data.

CompTIA Network+: Data networks are crucial for the functioning of businesses in the digital age. This certification will equip you with the skills needed to install, configure, maintain and troubleshoot such networks, whilst also covering network security and virtualisation.

See more about these and other CompTIA certifications here. In order to gain your certification, you first have to pass a certification exam, which you’ll obviously need to prepare for properly.


How do you prepare for your CompTIA certification exams?

To start studying for your exam, you’ll need access to training materials that meet CompTIA’s strict quality standards. If you’re keen to self-study for your exams, then the easiest method is to take an online course, which you can complete at your own pace.

Oxbridge Academy offers preparation courses for the CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+, and CompTIA Network+ certifications. By registering for these courses, you will gain access to everything you need in order to prepare adequately for the exams. Study materials include:

  • Video lessons that provide visual representations of concepts
  • Exercises that will give you a practical understanding of concepts
  • Quizzes that allow you to review your knowledge of the study materials
  • Projects that will allow you to put your skills into action

To pass your course, you will need to pass an online practice exam. Once you achieve that, you’ll be fully prepared to face the actual CompTIA exam!

For more information about the CompTIA preparation courses, and other computer courses, click here.


What can you do with your CompTIA certification?

The above-mentioned certifications will lay the foundations for a career in IT. Because CompTIA certifications are seen as a benchmark for IT professionals, placing them on your CV makes you more attractive to potential employers. However, once you’ve gained a basic certification, it’s advisable that you move on to a more specialised certification in line with the IT career you want to pursue.

Try out this IT Certification Roadmap for a guide to planning your exciting career in IT.


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