When considering what to study, few school leavers think about supply chain or logistics – other careers may seem more glamorous or exciting. But there is a world of opportunities in the field, and they are far from boring! One of the best aspects of supply chain and logistics is that you can combine your existing passions with your career.

Here are some of the industries you could consider working in after you obtain a supply chain or logistics qualification.


Most technology companies, from computer manufacturers, to cellphone companies and appliance brands, rely on supply chain and logistics to distribute their products. If you like technological gadgets, then working in this field will allow you to be surrounded by these products every day!

Food and beverage

The logistics industry in food and beverage is vast. You might find yourself working for some of the country’s largest supermarkets, helping to arrange transport or warehousing for everything from chocolates to vegetables. You could also potentially apply for work at a soft drinks company, agricultural enterprise or a producer of alcoholic beverages. 


The shipping industry forms a crucial part of the supply chain and logistics sector. If you like the idea of working on or around ships and ensuring that products are safely exported to countries around the world, then a shipping company could be the perfect place to work.

Sporting goods

Are you the type of person who can spend hours walking around a sporting goods store? When you have an understanding of the ins and outs of supply chain and logistics, you’ll be able to work with the products you enjoy, getting them on shop shelves for other similar-minded people.  


If you have a particular weakness for clothing and accessories, then why not consider applying for a supply chain or logistics position at a clothing store? There is a wealth of potential positions available to you, and with your passion for fashion, you’re likely do well at your job!


If you’re a car junkie who likes anything to do with an engine, then the automotive industry is the ideal place to work. Vehicles, as well as associated components, engines and parts, need to be transported every day in South Africa, and safely stored too. You may find yourself in the dream position of being around beautiful cars every day.  

Specialised logistics

There are many companies that deal specifically with supply chain and logistics, offering services to other companies across all industries. At these logistics companies (for example DHL or Barloworld), you can find numerous different positions for employees with a wide variety of different skills and education levels.

Why consider a career in supply chain or logistics?

Supply chain and logistics are an important part of almost every industry. Every day, millions of tonnes of products are transported on our roads, railways, planes and ships. A diverse range of employees, managers and consultants can be found working in this field. South Africa also has a skills shortage in the logistics sector, especially when it comes to employees who have the ability to use logistics technologies.

So, there is high demand for logistics employees and, as you’ll see, the job opportunities are varied and exciting!

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